About Michael

Michael Jenkins (LLE) is the president of Productive Change Management – which supports Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Executives, Managers and Professionals seeking growth, and to achieve better performance individually and organizationally.

Michael is a Productive Change Strategist, a Certified Mastermind Executive Coach (CMEC), a Certified Practitioner of The ChangeWorks® System and ChangeGrid® & Owner of BuySmart “Dollarstore”

He was trained as a member of the U.S. Navy, and received special recognition for his leadership role as the senior corpsman of a hospital unit. His experience helped to shape his career and interest to continue the practice of leadership, and of helping people to grow, to lead change, and to work through real life, and real world business challenges.

Michael was a founding board member of a San Diego area Chamber Organization, and was the director of coaching for a business training organization. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from San Diego State University, and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix. And is a contributing author to the Bestseller – 

Experts Wisdom
Life-Changing Principles & Transformational Business Strategies From The Go-To Authorities

Michael is truly the executive’s partner. He helps you target areas that need attention and provides a unique Productive Change Management System that enables you to improve performance results. He introduced the system to us when we were looking to capture new business and to enhance our service delivery. The bottom line, I gladly recommend Michael to anyone and any organization that is serious about creating and managing change.

Executive Director, Belmont Village