Performance System

The Changeworks® System and Changegrid®
“The World’s Only Visual System for Enhancing Performance.”

ChangeWorks® is a comprehensive system for streamlining the change process at both the individual and organizational levels. Central to the ChangeWorks® System is the ChangeGrid®

The ChangeGrid® isn’t about WHO you are, but rather HOW you are responding to the specific situations you face. The ChangeGrid® is descriptive, predictive and prescriptive — designed to answer four powerful questions about each of those situations:

  • How READY are you to handle situations?
  • How ENGAGED you are in performing the tasks that lay before you?
  • How likely you are to follow through and actually DO what needs to be done?
  • What type and level of support do you need to get on track and KEEP on track?

Equipped with these answers, you will reach clarity faster than any known method, stimulate deeper, more powerful conversations, and dramatically accelerate the change process to get results you want.

Entrepreneurs and business owners are invited to take a “Sustainable Business Performance” profile. Contact Michael @ 858-705-4002 to learn more.

Note: You will receive a confidential review and reading of your profile.

** The ChangeWorks® System and The ChangeGrid® provided in association with T. Falcon Napier & Associates, and the Institute for Productive Tension.