Accelerate Productivity by Managing Vital Activities

Our behaviors will either move us forward to our objectives and goals … or they can
keep us away from them. In this insightful training, Michael will show you why that when
you are seeking change nothing will move you to make real change faster than acting
with the right set of key behaviors. You’ll discover why and how the essence of
Productive Change is the execution of specific or defined behaviors that lead to a
positive or desired change in outcome.

Learn how to:
• Identify the most critical behaviors to accelerate productive change
• Execute change behaviors with personal motivation and ability
• Create social and extrinsic elements to support change behaviors
• Make a big difference in your personal life and your organization with these life changing

How to Use Strategy to Change Levels of Productive Tension

The level of tension that best assures that you and your team perform activities as
expected is Power-Stress. But the reality may be the level of tension you really
have is Power-Apathy. The difference ranges from being very productive to being
somewhat productive. Clearly most leaders prefer to see themselves and the team as
more productive. Uncover proven strategies that will help you manage levels of tension
for you and your team.

Learn how to:
• Positively assess abilities, challenges and what is actually going on
• Change the level of tension to enhance overall productivity
• Evaluate the tasks to determine what modifications are needed to focus on activities

How Understanding the 5 levels of Productive Tension Helps
You Make Better Business Decisions

When we acknowledge the emotional, physical and intellectual response we have when
performing business activities, we uncover real perceptions about the activities and
learn that perception and the level of tension differs for each person. There are five
levels of productive tension. Discover how each level predicts the way we are likely to
address activities going forward, and what support or resources may be required to
successfully perform the activities.

Learn how to:
• Clearly define the 5 Levels of Tension to know what they mean to productivity
• Know which levels of tension are the most and least productive levels
• Know when and what type of support should be provided
• Know when prospects and clients are ready to take action