Leaders are Readers

I don’t remember where or when I heard that statement. But I was very impressed and I believe it is mostly true. I say mostly because it does depend on what you read. I don’t think it was intended to mean leaders are people who read celebrity gossip. You know what I mean.

Today, while waiting for my office appointment I picked up a magazine to read. It was a financial magazine, of course. The magazine featured some of the best Financial Advisors in the Los Angeles area. These are professional people who are very successful and who do well for the clients. Each advisor was asked a few questions including what is the minimum investment amount required for new clients. I was immediately disqualified by their answers. Maybe you can qualify.

Nevertheless, I was intrigued with one other question asked of these advisors. The question was – What book are you now reading? That was it and I was fascinated to read their responses. Unfortunately I can’t recall all the names of the books they are reading. What I can tell you is they are reading books that were written to inspire and educate. Can you imagine? These are already successful people and they are feeding their minds with new ideas and helpful information. So there you have it. Leaders are indeed readers.

Here’s my question to you (Rhetorically). What book are you now reading? Let me suggest a couple for you. Both are very easy to read. “Go-Givers” and “Go-Givers Sell More”