The Numbers

The numbers. You know them 100% and 110%. It is about doing your best, and then doing better. A common reference made in competitive sports. 

What about the numbers 80/20 (i.e., the 80/20 rule)? It is commonly thought that 80% of our business is found from 20% of well engaged customers. It can also be said that 20% of what we do drives 80% of our business. No one I know disputes these numbers. So, let’s say it is a simple truth.

I have a small challenge to the 80/20 rule. It is when we operate or make decisions based on having only 80% of what we need to know or information. It happens. Sometimes it is necessary or things may never get done. Other times it can lead to loss opportunity or business. Would that 20% you don’t know make a difference?

So what makes sense to you? I think it depends on each situation. I recommend that you not become satisfied having only 80% of the information or the story. Get started but don’t give up on that 20% you don’t know yet. The 20% you don’t know can be the critical ingredient and the difference between a decline in business and a growth in your business.

Don’t give up. Get Better!